Top Three Extremely Helpful People Online for Indie Publishers!

I am a huge believer in serendipity! Not a day goes by when I’m not accidentally making some kind of unplanned, fortunate discovery. My “morning commute” is a 20-minute walk with two big Alaskan Malamutes named Zeke and Zooey. I then work on my science fiction until I hit my daily word goal. After that, it’s generally time to delve deeper into long-term publishing and marketing considerations. These are the top three most-helpful people that I have found online … so far.


#3: Tom Corson-Knowles at

Without really meaning to (but wanting to learn about publishing on Amazon), I first stumbled across all of the FREE author training videos available from Tom Corson-Knowles. In exchange for my email address, I gained immediate access to video topics such as: “Learn the 16 most important factors that determine how many books you will sell, and what you can do to attract raving fans” and  “Discover the three key areas you must focus on in order to make your readers happy and increase your sales for long-term success.” Once I worked my way through those, I also studied Tom’s free video course at That’s where I got my first taste of formatting ebook interiors for Amazon and elsewhere. He also has a screen-by-screen video showing how to publish a book on Amazon. 


#2: Joanna Penn at

Joanna has so much information! In fact, she has entire sections on writing a novel, publishing, marketing, making a living writing and on the author mindset. Her free book (Author 2.0 Blueprint) is fabulous and crazy-informative. In addition, she has posted an unbelievable number of tutorials and do-it-yourself articles. I look forward to getting her emails each day, and it has been great getting to “know” someone so unbelievably upbeat and helpful. 


#1: Derek Murphy at 

Derek Murphy is KING when it comes to helping authors “develop their vision, build their platforms, and get more visibility with less time and effort.” That quote is from his mission statement and he has TONS of information on his many websites! I don’t know how Derek finds time in his busy life as a Digital Nomad, but he unfailingly builds trust and likability by pumping out amazing content. He also has a Guerrilla Publishing group on Facebook where he routinely interacts with his readers to offer helpful advice. In everything he does, he talks a lot about building relationships with readers and authors and he has made a HUGE impression on me when it comes to writing in service to my readers.  

Some of Derek’s free books include Guerrilla Publishing, Cover Design Secrets, Book Marketing is Dead, and How to Write, Format, and Publish and Promote Your Book (Without Spending Any Money). I purchased one of his many offerings and to date, I have taken (am taking) courses dealing with: “Reader Seduction 101,” “How to Self-Edit Your Book,” “Reach Your Readers,” “DIY Book Formatting  for Print and Ebook,” and “Cover Design Secrets that Sell.”


I am so IMPRESSED with all of the helpful people in the writing and indie-publishing world! This is especially true of everything I’m finding in K.M. Weiland’s extensive offerings (, at Janice Hardy’s Fiction University (, within Jami Gold’s many resources at and all I am learning from Leonard Tillerman’s book reviews (

Okay, so that’s my second “blog” entry so far in this lifetime. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think, especially since I’ve definitely not yet found ALL of the helpful people out there! Please feel free to comment or tell me a bit about yourself or shoot any kind of note to [email protected]. I love getting to know my readers! 



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