Fire and Forget goes LIVE on 10/8/16!

Great News! Fire and Forget has survived its final editorial review board and is ready to LAUNCH! I’m so excited to share this first book in our Time Wing Six Series! Although the book won’t go LIVE on Amazon until Tuesday, the 8th of October, I wanted to let anyone visiting this website to be the first to know about Fire and Forget’s LAUNCH CONTEST! (I’ll post word about this on Facebook on launch day. I just wanted you to have first dibs!)

Launch Contest!

First, what’s the PRIZE? Yes! One of FIVE signed, paperback copies of Fire and Forget mailed directly to you!

How do you enter? By any means available to you, just send me a brief comment about the book’s cover image along with an idea of where/when you might explore in the past, future, or alternate reality! It’s that simple!

When will you know if you’ve won? Woohoo! Five (5) winners will be randomly selected on 11/5/19 at 10:00 a.m. Central Time, U.S. (By the way, you can send me something via Facebook’s Messenger App, or my email here: [email protected].)

As many of you know, I thought this book would hit the streets last April. Silly me! While it was at the editors, I got involved with two other HUGE projects. One: the third book in the River of Light series, called Significant Others. Two: we added a Great Pyrenees puppy to our family. As a result, Significant Others is now in the hands of my editors, and Ruben-puppy is housebroken!


Ruben taking it easy!

Lessons learned? Once in a while, an idea takes hold, and I just can’t be satisfied until I sit down and see the project through to completion. Also: the vigilance required to start a puppy off right can be a HUGE productivity killer! Special thanks to everyone who wrote, called, or visited! Super special thanks to those of you kind enough to leave book reviews on Amazon!

In Progress:

So what am I working on now? The second “Time Wing Six” book involves a struggle between a member of the Time Travel Forces and a rogue Artificial Intelligence. As a result, I’ve been a little preoccupied with neuroscience research and trying to suss out the deeper nature of consciousness. Not that I’m becoming “enlightened,” or at least … it’s a SLOW process (for me). 

Meanwhile, I’m also working on Double Take; the second book in the “Sapphire Sky” series. After Cross the Sky, our faithful crew now pits their talents against the political networks fighting to control Chersis Station. Oooooh! Don’t those large campaign war chests look inviting? Not that the heist will be easy! 

Recommended Reading Order …

Along the way, my sister (KEA) asked about the recommended reading pattern for my books. Well? I suppose it might go something like:

1. Many Moons (anthology) before “leveling up” to the full novels. Several people mentioned liking the “bee story,” so that story’s main character (Noémie) appears in Significant Others.

2. Lesser Beings and Rituals of Sacrifice can be read at any time, in that order.

3. Cross the Sky’s characters appear in Significant Others, so it’s next. (Double Take starts during Significant Others’ epilog.)

4. The events in Home Before Dark are mentioned briefly in Significant Others, so maybe now would be a good time? (Sequel = Seasons of Illusion (Forthcoming))

5. NOW it’s time to read Significant Others … as we all await: Inherit the Night. (And you REALLY wouldn’t have a problem reading Significant Others right after Rituals of Sacrifice. You don’t HAVE to have knowledge of the other books!)

6. Broken Bells … next? (Sequel: Visions at Dusk, (Forthcoming))

7. And now it’s time to check out the true adventures of Time Wing Six!

Fire and Forget

Holding on for Life (In-progress. Forthcoming)

More Harm Than Good (Forthcoming)

Got all that? Anyway, don’t forget to let me know where you might want to travel in time. As soon as I know the names of the CONTEST WINNERS, I’ll post all the good news here and on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks so much for checking in here.

Live on Amazon 10/8/19

Thanks, everyone! ~Scott





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