Hawk’s Grove Press now has EIGHT of my projects on Amazon (eBooks and paperbacks)! Here are some descriptions and a look at a few book covers. I (of course) also have a few more science-fiction novels in development!

NEW!: Significant Others  (A River of Light Novel, book 3)

Janek Larrivay is a disgraced empath from one of Earth’s distant colonies. Although executed by a hostile warlord, a higher dimension appears to sustain a willful fraction of his true self. Should he have let someone butcher him like that, back on Raisha? Was there a choice? And what the hell has he become?

Adrenaline surges. His flailing heart races. He discerns a jolting vibration that comes first as a buzz and then as a strange, lifting nothingness. His awareness shifts, and time stretches until he becomes aware that he is outside his body. Sights, smells, sounds all render as accurate but are more intense, vivid, and luminous than they have any right to be. A sense of freedom lures him aloft.

But, after death, is he a monster? Or merely superhuman? Is consciousness more than mere brain activity? Are our intrinsic personalities and sense of free will more than mere expressions of electrochemical fireworks?

A feathered seam of layered galaxies lights the heavens. Rose-tinted patches glow. New stars dazzle white-hot. Consuming the full breadth of the sky, stars stream and loop each galaxy’s spiral disk and halo. Welcome to the River of Light. On the planets below, the Ancients guard a gateway where good and evil strive to lend meaning to all existence.

Unfortunately, few such places survive contact with true evil. Not even those entirely in touch with the source code of reality. So, when an alien race’s penchant for killing stars threatens something as wondrous as the River of Light, what’s a guy to do?

A dead man? An unbeatable foe’s plot to kill stars? Despite the risks, why not join Janek’s adventure? After all, we rarely know how strong we are until being strong is our only choice. With the fate of eternity hanging in the balance, so what if all our answers lie at the end of a jaunt more wondrous and terrifying than anything we could ever imagine?


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Fire and Forget  (A Time Wing Six Novel)

The artifact is a perfect cube, two inches on a side. Extraordinarily heavy, it is as clear as flawless diamond. It is also cooler than room temperature, and — upon contact — whispers plaintive alien voices.

I hope you’re wide awake right now.

Your science teachers lied to you. Perhaps that’s too strong a verb. Well, you should at least know there’s a reason they blew off your questions about time travel. Remember? (Or maybe you’re not supposed to remember.)

Fact: the U.S. Military has operated Time Expeditionary Units since the Summer of 1972.

So, why care now? The news isn’t on Facebook. Twitter’s completely missed it. Yet, as recently as yesterday, one unit of the Time Travel Forces has discovered aliens right here in our solar system’s deep past.

Daryle Chantree is a technician with clearance to work on a synthetic time abyss. Here, the future and past exist in carefully matched slabs of ancient stone that predate Earth by more than three billion years.

When the aliens attack, Daryle takes emergency action and commits an untrained team to the high-stakes fight of their lives. His second mistake? Why the hell did he so much as consider tagging along for the ride?

As the situation intensifies, Daryle realizes that the study of the universe and the study of consciousness may be irreversibly linked. Meanwhile, these powerful aliens are capable of altering reality by playing with the universe’s underlying code.

Why not skip the medical exams, written tests, and skill assessments and come along for the ride? We’re talking about countering a threat to humanity’s existence. Don’t you have an obligation? A duty to act?

Open this book and illumination will swell. Images will unlock. Concepts will untangle and mushroom. Mind racing, you’ll be thrown into a desperate time excursion deep in the past! Alien artifacts. An asteroid belt full of secrets. Are you strapped in and ready for an edge-of-your-seat, high-voltage, razor-sharp military thriller? Ready to sign on the dotted line? 

Combining cutting-edge physics and powerful adversaries with thrilling time-travel adventure, this series will thrill fans of Expanse, Firefly, Aliens, and Battlestar Galactica.

If you’re looking for a series to keep you hooked, then go no further: you’ve just found it!

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Broken Bells  (Book One of The Midnight Light Chronicles)

Who guides our fate? Can we ever hope to wrest control for ourselves? Conspiracy. Vengeful aliens. A tyrant looking for redemption. A troubled boy who must learn to tap hidden dimensions for power. Multiple timelines, one terrible secret!

Dasjenya hates his society’s powerful overlords. In an effort to prove the Aosha in no way merit the right to bombard whole civilizations out of existence, Dasjenya gathers a scientific mission and heads into our planet’s forbidden wastelands.

Strange voices chant warnings, reality shifts and falling meteoric debris obliterates every trace of the world he has ever known.

Flung into the past, they must now embrace a new role within an elite and thriving Aoshan culture. In fact, Dasjenya must now work alongside a younger version of the very Aoshan whose future autocratic ways forced his journey.

After learning to traverse “continuum glass,” Dasjenya ultimately goes head-to-head with one of the powerful aliens who has been pulling the strings all along. The Hersh blame humanity for driving their race’s prime deity insane. The Hersh hate every last one of us.

To save Earth, can Dasjenya—for all our sakes!—close the gap between who he has been and who he must be?

Part quest novel, part post-apocalyptic time-travel adventure and part love story set in humanity’s near future, this story of human courage will thrill readers who have enjoyed C.J. Cherryh’s Wave Without a Shore, Julian May’s The Many-Colored Land, or Sheri S. Tepper’s The Gate to Women’s Country.

Writing “…reminiscent of the fine tales of Ray Bradbury or Zenna Henderson—the kinds of stories that will always be in demand.” —Dave Wolverton, Writers of the Future Volume XII.

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Cross the Sky   (Book One of The Sapphire Sky Archives)

Some secrets are meant to stay in the past. With the treasure ship Aquila up for grabs, can Lissaya’s trusty heist crew bring their ingenious schemes to fruition before conflicting conspiracies upend their entire world?

Lissaya Anning (callsign “Hipshot”) does not see force fields or sealed starship hatches as obstacles, but as invitations. After years of living on a knife’s edge between indentured servitude and starvation, Lissaya and seven other young women pool their resources in hopes of recovering the starliner Aquila.

Used to evacuate precious metals and rare artworks at the end of a galactic war, Aquila is the richest and most heavily-laden treasure ship ever lost to the rifts. Unfortunately, her cargo may also include a dangerous virus. A virus so potent that alien retribution for its mere existence (never mind its release!) could be an extinction-level event for humanity.

With everything hanging in the balance, can Lissaya foil her opponents and still save the exquisitely valuable star liner?

Facing myriad adversaries, alien intrigue, and the rift’s own crisscrossing tides of dark-energy unreality, Lissaya flies into the future aboard the alien derelict “Sapphire Sky.

Care to travel along with her?

Cross the Sky’s combination of heist elements and treasure hunting, with wild action-adventure echoes aspects of C.J. Cherryh’s Downbelow Station, Vernor Vinge’s A Deepness in the Sky, and Dewey Gram’s Ocean’s 11.

Writing “…reminiscent of the fine tales of Ray Bradbury or Zenna Henderson—the kinds of stories that will always be in demand.” —Dave Wolverton, Writers of the Future Volume XII.

***   ***   ***

Home before Dark  (Book One of The Rare Bird Revelations)

What if there is another you in a nearby universe? In the face of colossal corporate greed and hateful aliens, would your “aspects” be friends or foes? You really need to decide, because whoever wins the coming battle, wins the multiverse!

Yes, it’s true! Fact: diverted by the pace of our everyday lives, we often overlook the shadows of objects and beings in other realities.

Although corporate society has labeled Haven Lofting as unruly and resistant to control, Haven has a budding talent for networking with his alternate selves (his “aspects”) across the greater multiverse. This places him, as well as a mildly-autistic young woman and a sentient Quantum Savant supercomputer in direct opposition to the mad schemes of a renegade quantum physicist.

Stressed to the limit and struggling to maintain enough mental wherewithal to withstand every attack, Haven may be the only one who can save—not just our world—but several coexistent Earths from the ravages of ecological disaster and the will of an invading race of utterly unfathomable, cross-dimensional beings.

In the fight of his life, Haven must come to understand the true meaning of choice and consequence. Can he learn to tap the multiverse’s vast resources in time? Will he overcome the bounds of his inner nature? Can any of us learn to steer the narrative of our own event paths?

Combining cutting-edge physics, deep conspiracy, and powerful adversaries with thrilling, personal battles and adventures across a multitude of sister-Earths, Home Before Dark will inspire readers of Robert Heinlein’s Time for the Stars, Gene Wolfe’s The Claw of the Conciliator, or Neal Stephenson’s towering masterpiece: Anathem.

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Lesser Beings  (Book One of The River of Light Series)

Multiple alien races. One appalling atrocity. When an assassin strikes down Earth’s chief diplomat, a novice empath absorbs her lingering psychic essence. Young and ill-trained, Janek Larrivay must fight despair and tangled loyalties to gather exotic technologies and forbidden allies in an effort to avenge his master’s death.

Although tasked far beyond his pay grade and forever hounded by fanatical agents, Janek’s ability to see any being’s truest and deepest emotions is where he is at his most dazzling.

With civilizations on collision courses and humanity’s fate in the balance, Lesser Beings’ wild sense of palpable suspense has early readers comparing it favorably with David Brin’s Startide Rising, Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Dispossessed, and Pournelle& Niven’s The Mote in God’s Eye.

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Rituals of Sacrifice  (Book Two of The River of Light Series)

Are you ready for a science-fiction epic of shocking, personal transformation? Excellent! Of course you are! (Really, I knew you would be…)

Okay, so how far would you go to rescue a dear friend from danger? To the ends of the galaxy? Beyond even that? But what if your life hung in the balance? What if your quest could cost ALL you are and all you could EVER hope to be?

Now imagine how difficult your struggle might become if a bevy of conflicting, alien personality fragments incessantly plagued your innermost thoughts!

Still on the run after the jaw-dropping events in Lesser Beings, Janek Larrivay learns that Sarika Pennier’s diplomatic team is missing behind enemy lines. Teetering on the verge of defeat, Janek must now pinpoint enemy weaknesses while coming to terms with the strange, emerging potentials taking shape within the evolving, quantum architecture of his mind.

Making things more dire, if Janek fails a new race of aliens has promised to blast humanity back to the stone age!

Thrust to the utmost limit of what it means to be human, will Janek become a monster? Or merely superhuman?

From the award-winning author of Lesser Beings, Many Moons, and Cross the Sky.

—“An imaginative compilation of alien life forms brought together in a visually descriptive, action-packed storyline that sucked this reader in for the long haul!”

—“Azmus weaves a fascinating tale through and around the lives of several memorable characters, I still want to learn more about.”

—“A very talented, intelligent, and inventive writer. You will love this!”

—“Twists and turns galore make this a page-turning space adventure. The different species are unique and interesting. I wanted to meet all of them.”

While Rituals of Sacrifice’s nonstop pace may be too intense for some, it will surely satisfy those who enjoyed Firefly and Serenity, Aliens, Interstellar, or The Matrix. PLEASE follow Janek’s continuing exploits as he approaches the River of Light!

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Many Moons  (Anthology)

Are you ready to push aside the infinite veil separating us from parallel dimensions and alternate reality? Hawk’s Grove Press is proud to present thirteen voyages of imagination beyond the far reaches of the universe!

New technologies help doctors with triage and patient care. A young man helps an alien race rise from near extinction. A crashed starship yields its treasure.

Dolphins, porpoises, and whales share a common spacefaring future. Aliens work to conceal their presence among us. Interstellar travel is replete with dangers, up to and including ritualized cannibalism.

The pursuit of artistic talent leads to distant horizons. Love beats self-preservation. A forsaken child struggles to survive the harsh alien environment of Jupiter’s moon Io.

An invention allows brief glances into the past. Sentient stars hire trans-dimensional aliens to care for their young.


“The Catafalque”

“Cooler by the Lake”

“Department 17”

“Dining Out”


“Oceans Above”

“Oh, Europa, Please Trust and Take Me In!”

“Raise All Your Happy Voices”

“Red Moon”

“Reflections in Period Glass”


“When the Morning Stars Sang Together”

If you’ve been looking for a collection of stories to keep you hooked, then go no further: you’ve just found it!

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Thanks for looking, and I’ll let you know when and how things move along from here! As always, feel free to shoot me a note via the contact form and I’ll get back to you … rapidly!

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