Thank you for visiting my science-fiction website! Here, you will find information concerning my latest writing projects and several published short stories. This is all a work in progress, and I imagine that there are many changes yet to come. Should be fun!

When writing science fiction, I hope to entertain, push hard science, show how human beings may interact with the future and attempt to show the possible diversity & richness of aliens and alien civilizations.

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Space Time Magazine.

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Many Moons

Lesser Beings

Broken Bells

Cross the Sky

Home Before Dark

Rituals of Sacrifice

Fire and Forget

Significant Others

Some of the latest reviews:

…”Scott Azmus brings a fresh new voice to the genre of science fiction. Lesser Beings is an imaginative compilation of alien life forms brought together in a visually descriptive, action packed storyline that sucked this reader in for the long haul! Anxiously awaiting River of Light Book 2!”

…”Azmus weaves a fascinating tale through and around the lives of several memorable characters I still am wanting to learn more about. I’m glad there will be a sequel. I’m certainly interested in seeing more of the main character as wall as two main alien races. I’m going to have to read over the last couple of chapters or so because things moved and changed so quickly I had trouble understanding how they fit together. I highly recommend this book and am on to another of Azmus’ novels…”

…”Many Moons is a collection of stories. I adore short stories. You get the opening, the middle, and the final curtain all in a small package. It’s like having the appetizer, the entree, and the dessert without having to eat the broccoli. You can pick up this book, read a story – having a completely satisfying experience – put the book down and pick it up later without having to try to remember the thread of the narrative. And I especially like the introduction (the Preface) to each story in Many Moons, which gives us the context within which each was written. I really enjoyed “Reflections in Period Glass” and the story about the bees, but my favorite has to be “Red Moon” because of Marky! Scott Azmus is a very talented, intelligent, and Inventive writer. You will love this!”

…”My favorite two stories are Red Moon (about Marky) and the one with the bees. That one was fantastic. Some of the stories I had read before, when originally published, but they still captured my attention and imagination. There were a couple of stories I wish hadn’t ended quite as abruptly as they did. I’m looking forward to reading Azmus’ books.”

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