When not writing, I observe the universe.

I have recently received my Astronomical League Master Observer’s Certificate!

The Astronomical League is a fantastic organization! If you’re looking for a LOT of FREE information, the League happily provides observing goals, and quick-reference guides to celestial objects at many levels of observing difficulty.

It’s hard to believe that I have been observing the heavens with a variety of telescopes since mid-1972! Over the years, I have moved from small refractors all the way up to a terrific 18-inch Obsession “light bucket.” Even though my observing schedule is usually self-directed, these programs have helped me maintain enthusiasm for the night sky while continuing to build my observational skills.

The Master Observer Award required completion of five core project areas. I then had to choose five more observing programs to qualify for the Master Observer Award. Being a total geek, I completed six:

  1. Messier Observing Program 110 observations & sketches
  2. Binocular Messier Program110 observations & sketches
  3. Lunar Observing Program100 observations & sketches
  4. Double Star Observing Program 100 observations & sketches
  5. Herschel 400 Observing Program 400 observations & sketches
  6. Hydrogen Alpha Program   80 observations & sketches
  7. Sun Spotters Program   25 observations & sketches
  8. Globular Cluster Program   50 observations & sketches
  9. Caldwell Program   76 observations & sketches
  10. Urban Program 100 observations & sketches
  11. Outreach Program 160 hours of evening & nighttime public-service
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It’s been a thrill, and I’m still working on three other observing programs! If you would like to know more, the Astronomical League has a terrific website at Such fun!

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